Lobay - Local Bargain Finder

Lobay is a unique UK resource used to find local 'pick-up only' bargains in your local area.

Using our search tools you can browse all ebay bargains in your area simply by entering your postcode! All searches are completely free and are updated in real time so you can grab those last minute local bargains too. Our visitors have been visiting us regularly for years now and we've had reviews from other bargain finding websites such as money saving expert, bargain guru blogs and yahoo!

The local ebay tools can be used to find a wide variety of items but the mist popular are things like furniture, white goods, gym equipment,

Below are the 2 most effective local bargain finder searches, simply choose one, enter your postcode and find them bargains!


Local Bargain

The local bargain finding searches may have slightly different results depending on your area so don't forget to try them both.

New local bargains are listed on eBay every day so don't forget to bookmark us and come back again soon, we are also adding more bargain finding tools regularly so check us out on facebook to keep up to date...